Rehuman - \ˈRĒhyü-mənˈ\ - Normalizing epigenetic manifestations of ecological fusion.

We are Regenerative Humanists


We are a network of ecological solutionaries based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite the evidence, we believe in humankind's intrinsic potential to regenerate relational systems: pure water, fertile soil, healthy food, stable climate, bio-diverse ecosystems and a prosperous culture. We seek to understand and work with these origins of abundance and scout for tipping points into a regenerative future. As trans-disciplinary professionals we aim to manifest this potential via:

1) Reversing extirpation - The epidemic displacement of native flora and fauna is one of the most tragic byproducts of modern civilization. We focus on extirpation, a.k.a. local extinction, because it effects and is affectable by everyone. Natural historians, ethno-ecologists and biologists can show us what has been lost and through natural dispersal, habitat restoration and corridor connectivity humans can bring back these important top down and bottom up trophic regulators. 

2) Rewilding Agriculture - Agro-pastoral, perennial polycultures are far higher yielding and offer more ecosystem services than industrial monocultures. These pseudo-domestic landscapes require higher inputs of human planning but pay off in resilience, quality of life and social benefit.

3) Regenerative Industry - Thoughtless industrialism and antiquated business models are economically and ecologically self-destructive. Regenerative, zero waste and socially just frameworks can proffer humankind with resilience, interconnectivity and prosperity.

4) Cultivating Regenerative Culture - In watersheds, farms and cities across the planet people are exploring regeneration as a primary human activity. We aim to synergize, magnify and celebrate these efforts.